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Happy Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day. Here are some goodies I made for the Valentine's in my life (Joshua and Arthur).

Mini happy hearts for my little man.

More love in the form of baked goodness.

and one more cookie picture...

Here is some yumminess I cooked up in the kitchen the past few days.

Blueberry granola bars as requested by Josh. Arthur likes them too.

Portabella Coconut Stirfry over Jasmine rice. Delicious.

Wild Mushroom Soup with Thyme (TGoV). This soup was freakin' awesome. We ate it with the homemade wheat bread I made.

Here are some pictures of Arthur and Maggie. Arthur loves his Maggie girl.

The marathon is 3 days away. Yikes! It is supposed to be cold and rainy that morning too. Ugh! Wish me luck.

Happy Valentine's Day. Have a wonderful day.

peas and love....
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