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What did you do on your day off?

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What did you do on your day off?

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Well, I ran a marathon. It was brutal but very satisfying once I hit the finish line. The course was about 80% hills and of course the last mile they make us go up another hill as if not to torture us enough before the finish line. It was definitely a unique experience. I started out pumped. And the sea of people was crazy. There were approximately 12,000 marathoners and half-marathon runners. My friend Mollie and I stuck together for about the first 12 miles and then I took off ahead. I think I was a mile or two ahead of her. The part that sucked about the marathon was having to stop and pee. I lost 10 minutes on my time to use the facilities. That sucked. So, I felt good for about the first 18-19 miles and then there is the infamous wall that hits. That makes you question your sanity and what the hell you were thinking when you signed up for a marathon. The weather was nice if you were at the park but not good for running on asphalt. It was at least 75 degrees and of course no shade in the last 10 miles. Ugh. The sun is not your friend when you are doing a marathon. So at around mile 19 I could feel the blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I was counting in my head how many I had on each foot. Around 4 each and praying they would not pop until after the marathon was over. I tried to run on some grass a bit to help my feet, but that was useless. The runners are very encouraging and there was this cyclist who was there for the last 7 miles who was our cheerleader. His wife or girlfriend was in the marathon and he just kept riding his bike back and forth around us yelling encouraging words. He would tell us how many more miles we had to go, how great we were doing and would stay stuff like "you know why marathon runners make great friends? because they never quit!" It was really cool. By mile 23 my feet were tingling and numb which was fine by me because then I couldn't feel any pain. The last 10k of the race, the mile markers seemed to get further and further away. You start to think someone is moving them and playing a joke on you. The last mile you see another big hill, but know that just around the corner is the finish line. I was so happy to see that last big hill. After the hill I turned the corner and what do I see? The finish line! Thank God! Finally! I pick up my pace even more, I see Josh with the biggest grin on his face and my little Boogie Arthur sleeping in the jogging stroller. I cross the finish and they put the finishers medal around my neck. When you do your first marathon and they put the medal around your neck you feel like you just won the Olympic gold. You are so excited it makes you want to cry with joy. And exhausted too. Then they made us walk four blocks to go get our finishers jersey. Come on, are you kidding? As if we hadn't run enough. They were out of medium jerseys, so I got a large. I didn't care. Hopefully, it will shrink. While running the marathon I learned to like and appreciate GU. I never liked it before, but when you are in need of it, it tastes pretty damn good. I went home, took a nap and Josh ordered takeaway for us. I am sore today and the blisters on my feet are ugly, but badges of glory. And I have a sunburn on my face that makes me look like a racoon or like I spent the weekend skiing in Tahoe. I am glad I had sunglasses on or my eyes would be bloodshot and sunburned too. My arms and neck are sunburned and my legs have the runners tan. I am sore, but I feel good and will do another one again, probably in mid to late 2009. I am also amazed that I completed it under the time given with only 4 months training. They say if you are to do a marathon you should train for at least a year. Ha! I showed them. I may not be the fastest, but I have heart. Maybe a little stubborness and insanity too. Ha ha. I am excited now, because my next runs are all 5k's and 10k's. So my training will be no longer than 7 mile days. Yippee. Go TKWRT!

Sunburned and tired, but happy.

I cooked this week of course. There are not alot of pictures on this post, but I will let you enjoy the ones I made.

Homemade Samosas, delicious!

Coconut Curry Chickpeas(vegandad) Great with the samosas.

Orange Poppy Seed Pancakes (TGoV) Saturday morning breakfast. Yum!

Last but not least, pictures of my cute little man.

Papparazzi style, no pictures please!


Puckering up to give a kiss.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week. I am going to sit and do nothing and relax. 5k and 10k training will begin on Thursday. I think I deserve a few days off from running. Talk to all of you soon.

peas and love...
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