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5 1/2 days to go.....

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5 1/2 days to go.....

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The marathon is 5 1/2 days away. There was a handful of us who were going to run it, but now there are only two. Myself and my good friend Mollie. We have 7 hours to complete, so come hell or high water, it will happen. Go TKWRT! I am excited and anxious about it. The freakin' course is mainly uphill too. Oh joy. Not! So, I am taking it easy this week on the training, just a few short runs here and there, nothing crazy. And the best thing about the marathon being done, well I get to focus on speedwork and training for 5k's and 10k's. That means my longest run for the next few months will only be 7 miles. Yippee! Then when fall hits it will be focus on half marathons and contemplate a full one for next year. So, wish me luck, remember me in your thoughts and prayers as well as all the other runners participating. We will need the well wishes. Oh, yeah and here's hoping for decent weather!

In the world of cooking, this is a big post. Obviously I cook. That is why most of you read my blog. Here are some of the meals we had for the past week. Enjoy!

Ginger Scones for breakfast. (tjovb)

Kuching Tamarind and Coconut Milk Curry (wfc), this was a Malasian dish we had for dinner. It was really tastey.

Banana bread, one of Arthur's favorites!

Yucatan Seitan w/black beans and sauteed plantains (veganyumyum), this recipe was delicious. I used the seitan I made the night before. The sauteed plantains were a perfect touch.

crazy tastey pumpkin cinnamon rolls (donteatoffthesidewalk), this recipe was excellent. The pumpkin is very subtle. Such goodness for breakfast.

chickpea coco-oat cookies (vegweb), these were great. The whole family loves them. The chickpea in the title comes from the use of chickpea flower. I drizzled them with some lime icing. Yummy!

Spaghetti and Beanballs (veganomicon), this recipe was different. The jury is still out. I think I will tweak the beanball recipe some more. It was a very hearty meal.

African Rolls, a favorite in our household. Definitely a 5 star recipe. The sauce alone is a taste of heaven. You can't beat the combination of kale, sweet potatoes and rice covered with the sauce.

Broccoli growing in Nana Donna's garden. I used in tonite's dish. It was so good. She has cauliflower that will be ready to eat next week, I can't wait to taste it. You can't beat fresh veggies.

Crispy Sweet and Sour Seitan (veganyumyum) over jasmine rice, I used the seitan I made the other night and the broccoli we got from Nana Donna's garden. This was very flavorful.

Whole wheat bread fresh from the oven. This beats store bought any day!

Now for the best kind of update, an Arthur update. He is already 17 months old. Can you believe it? Time has flown by. He is talking more and signing more. We are already looking into swim lessons again this summer since he loved it so much last summer. One of our friends who bought a house nearby, thanks to his dad buying it. Lucky! They are getting a swingset and their daughter is a year and one day older than Arthur, so he will get to go over there and play which will be nice. I take him to the playground at the elementary school nearby. He loves it. He especially likes it when I bring Trudy. The play in teh fenced in "little kid" area together.

Here is a picture of the little man being silly. "No pictures please!"

Well I am going to close for now. I will try and post before the marathon, if I don't I definitely will afterwards and give a post-race update. Have a great week.

peas and love....

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