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Crazy past few days....

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Crazy past few days....

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so, finally an update. it has been a crazy week and half. one of my friend's wife died. it is so sad, they haven't even been married a year. i am sad i missed the little farewell they had at her house, but that is what happens when people say they will call and then do not and don't keep you posted. we are going to send them some food next week after everything has calmed down a bit in their household. then, one of my friends had a miscarriage. it was early on in the pregnancy, but still difficult and sad for her. and today, one of my other friends had to make the decision to take his mom off of the ventilator at the hospital and say goodbye. we have been talking everyday for the past few days. it has been really tough for him. like i said, these past few days have been crazy.

arthur had his first Easter egg hunt over the weekend. it was cute. he didn't quite know what to do with the eggs, so he would pick them up, yell the word "ball" and throw them. silly little man. we took him to see "horton hears a who". he seemed to like it alot. he sat in my lap the whole time and watched it. it was a cute movie.

arthur trying to grab the camera

arthur and his Easter bucket

my two handsome guys

arthur and a garden buddha statue

me and my sweet little man

at the Easter egg hunt, there was a potluck. i actually made something. shocking, i know. i haven't been cooking much due to being queasy.

Easter cookies


we are 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. this pregnancy has been a bit different than when i was pregnant with arthur. i can eat food, but i get queasy often after eating and i cannot stand the smell of garlic. it is banned from the kitchen right now. the smell makes me want to vomit. how odd?!? and what is even more weird, the smell of cooked meat doesn't bother me, where as before, it would make me gag. strange. this pregnancy has also made us broke for the month. insurance companies as most of you know, suck ass. we had to pay out of pocket for our first visit before being covered. $382 for the office visit and $333 for bloodwork. seriously. i kid you not. that pretty much d-cked us for the month of march and now we will be playing catch up. insurance companies suck ass. there was a girl here in austin, her insurance denied her claim for a rabies shot when she got bit by a dog. they said the rabies was pre-existing. what! if that was the case, she would be dead. if you are bit by a rabid dog, and do not get treated, you will die within 24-36 hours. i hope the insurance doesn't pull anymore stunts. if they do, it will cost 4 grand to cover this pregnancy and we do not have that. ugh. things are just so freaking frustrating and then you see these punkasses who have everything handed to them on a silver platter and do not have to do anything. they have no idea what it is to have to work hard or struggle. ugh.

9 1/2 week pooch, more like a bagel pooch from breakfast

i have a 10k this Sunday. i haven't trained much due to arthur having his first ear infection and josh getting over his second bout of bronchitis. they are both feeling better now, which is good.

well, i am going to close for now. i won't wait so long to post next time. hope each of you have a great week and weekend.

peas and love....

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