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This week....

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This week....

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We hit 5 1/2 months this week. It is crazy how time is flying by. We found out it is going to to be a baby boy. We are very excited. Josh and everyone else say they can't tell I am really pregnant. They say I look like I just had a really big meal. The newest Kagan will be making his debut in October.

It has been hot here. Seriously hot. It is not even officially summer yet and we had 100 degree days in May and we still have 100 degree days. It is crazy. If I want to go for a walk or take Arthur to the park, we have to go before 11am. On a good note though, Arthur starts swim lessons this Monday, so it will be nice to cool off in the pool with him. By the way, you know it is hot, when you go to the zoo and the animals from Africa are hiding in the shade.

We went to the insanity called IKEA the other weekend. We had never been before and we had heard about it. It is a crazy store. It is like a maze. The prices are good and your could easily blow a couple of hundred bucks without thinking twice. Fortunately, we did not. We got Arthur a wooden table and chairs for the kitchen so he can eat, color, do projects, etc. It was a good deal. $20. He loves it.

Arthur eating breakfast at his table.

Such a big boy!

Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

Now for the cooking. I have made some really great meals this past week, but only took a picture of a few. We had a "Hot as Hell" potluck at work this past Sunday. All the food was spicey and tastey. I made some jalapeno cornbread and my famous peanut butter fudge that everyone at work is addicted too.

Potato Kale Enchiladas, yummy!

Double chocolate walnut cookies

Homemade cinnamon rolls, best breakfast ever!

Miso Ginger Noodle Bowl, very tastey and perfect for the summer.

Arthur's mac and cheese with mixed veggies. One of his favorites.

Our big guy turned 21 months old today. I can't believe he will be 2 in September. He is growing so fast. He is saying alot more words and is still learning more sign language. And this weekend, we saw on the news that the first tropical storm of the season is named Arthur. That made us laugh.

Here is the little man in the kitchen playing the pot lid cymbals.

Have a great week. Stay cool out there.

peas and love....
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